The Western Victorian Association of Historical Societies Inc. is a group of around 50 Historical Societies.

The member groups have a wide range of interests, all with a historical emphasis. These include such things as:

    ● Collecting artefacts to house in Museums
    ● Collecting paper records
    ● Collecting photographs
    ● Some are combined Historical and Genealogical Groups

Most of the groups are willing to allow the public to carry out research or will do so for them at a fee.
The Association allows interchange of ideas and information between groups, relating to such things as:

    ● Fund Raising
    ● Storage Methods
    ● Attracting members
    ● Insurance Issues
    ● Grants Available
    ● Charges made
    ● Guest speakers
    ● Burglary prevention

A quarterly newsletter, The Western Historian, is produced.

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